American Made…why I love to find more and more nicely designed items made here, at home.

I love handmade products…and unusual products made around the world that I have found in my travelling days. But I feel very strongly about American made goods that don’t need to be made elsewhere. Yes, it is great to help out needy countries, I am totally for that, however, our country used to be a great manufacturing country as well and we should try to return to that for our people as well.  We have such great talent and resources here, we just need people and companies to figure out how to use them and promote them more.  I am always so happy to find new and great products made right here at home. I have heard it from my customers too, that they will pay a little more to buy something made well, and from the USA.  We don’t need to have fish deboned in Asia, broccoli grown and frozen in China, and so many of our clothes cheaply made in Asia in not so great working conditions. We have turned into a country that looks for the cheapest bargain and somehow I would like to think there is a way to change that.  Raise minimum wage, help small businesses stay in business, raise our kids to appreciate well made products and learn that they don’t need a lot of “stuff” just because it is cheap may be a start.  And personally I don’t trust organic labeled items coming from China!

When you read articles about faulty goods, chemicals used in children’s toys, tainted dog treats and cardboard or gelatin stuffed food from China, it only makes my point stronger, buy American when you can.  Buy quality, not quantity. Something made well will wash and last longer, therefore being more sustainable as well.

When I started my business of Farmerkids Organics I only wanted to use American made goods, cotton and clothing. People urged me to look elsewhere to find the organic baby clothes that we use for less money. I kept saying no. It does cost more to have them made here, but I feel it’s a good dollar spent and makes us feel good about them. Quality as well as helping out our fellow people in keeping their jobs makes it all worthwhile.

Recently I was given a very special gift by a very special friend of mine. A beautiful meaningful necklace, with a hidden heart, made in the USA by an engineer/designer of the Highline-Beth Macri.  It came from a store that was new to me – Shinola, Detroit, here in New York City. A store where everything is made in the USA is right up my alley. Beautiful bikes made in Detroit. Watches so craftfully made in Detroit.  Simple colorful journals to well designed dog toys, all made in the USA.


I love what this store is doing to help people in Detroit and other parts of the USA, and I love their designs and products!  I encourage you to take a look at their bikes, dog rope toys, jewelry, bags and more, when in NYC or one of their other US stores, or on their website:

Shinola Flagship - Tribeca
177 Franklin St., New York, New York
US, 10013   917-728-3000

Consider American made when buying your next gift. I am glad my friend did.

Farmerkids Organics