Road Side Food goes Healthy and Real!

This summer we took a short but sweet car trip with the kids and of course had to stop for food along the way. Moms bag of fruit and healthy snacks is never good enough I guess! Maybe there is some excitement about stopping in a road side rest stop for a kid as well…

I am always thinking, what am I going to be able to find to eat along the road, and what will I find to feed the kids that is not so junky…Well we were so happily surprised at the first stop to find a sign that said "organic" even before stepping inside! Inside we went straight for the Good to Go counter in the food court of this rest stop.  What a great thing to find, Applegate products and healthy snacks! I couldn't believe my eyes! Something I would actually buy my kids! All meats there are Applegate organic and natural hormone free, antibiotic free, chemical and preservative free!  My daughter had a chicken sausage, my son a sandwich, all nicely prepared on good bread too! Veggie side options as well. We sat at a table and another family with kids saw us with the Applegate tray and bag and were curious about it and wished that they walked further down the hall to find it !

 Applegate Kitchens in Connecticut

Applegate Kitchens in Connecticut

If only it was the first place one saw, and not down the hall, I think that even more people would opt for it instead of the fast food!  

My husband thought I was nuts as how happy I was to find this place in a rest stop!
Until our trip back! When we happened upon the only freestanding Applegate Kitchens in another rest stop! What luck! This one was right near the entrance to a food court, and had a similar menu, all great Applegate products and healthy snacks and a really nice staff! Again a happy mom and happy kids !

We need to get more healthy food into more rest stops like these across the country. If you are in Connecticut, and need some food, try to stop in one of these two Applegate places and tell them how much you appreciate the healthy food stand as well and maybe they will expand!  I certainly did! Finding real food on the go is their motto, and is a great one!

Summer may be over, but traveling on highways keeps going on…so this Fall or anytime during the year, keep a look out for healthy stops like these! If you find some vegetarian or vegan places in food courts I would love to find out about them as well!


Good to Go
I-95 Northbound
Service Area in Milford, Ct

Applegate Farm
I-95 Southbound
Rest Area Past Exit 10
Darien, Ct