Pretty and Sustainable Soaps

Being a designer I have always appreciated good design. Whether it be graphic, fashion, type or packaging, it takes a lot to design well, and throw in a sustainable product and I am even happier!

After coming across Hand in Hand soap and candles I knew I had to share their products! Like Farmerkids Organics, Bill & Courtney understand the importance of being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Every ingredient in their soaps are harvested and grown in an environmentally friendly way and are vegan. A portion of their sales goes to save the rainforest.  Hand in Hand also has a great program of Buy a Bar, Give a Bar, bringing a simple but very important product - soap and clean water to children and families in devastated areas of the world such as Haiti.

Not only loving what they stand for, I fell in love with their packaging design. Their beautifully illustrated trees, water, flowers and animals in nature appeal so much to me. Their lavender soap package has sweet deer within fields of lavender.  While their orange blossom has delicate flowers and birds, water and oranges.


Bath soaps have a great scalloped label with their natural designs on them as well. Candles made from GMO free soy wax are so pretty too! Their boxes would be a keepsake in itself!

Best of all these products are made in Vermont! Nice job Hand in Hand!

Visit, purchase Hand in Hand soaps and read more about their Buy a Bar, give a Bar program on their website