An Environmental Fan

I am not a football fan, but I am a fan of people taking the time to make a large event more environmentally friendly.  This Sunday the Super Bowl will be watched by millions, but also about 79,000 people will be in MetLife Stadium, eating, shopping, visiting promo booths, and creating trash.

This years Super Bowl is working to make the event and all the trade show displays more sustainable, and to work on operating in a more sustainable way.

This Super Bowl's environmental program is working with solid waste management, material reuse, food recovery, donations of sports equipment and books, as well as greenhouse gas reduction. That is all nice to hear! Most large events have trade show displays that are usually torn down and thrown out after the event closes. The Super Bowl will have trucks to take these reusable items away and deliver to many organizations that can recycle and reuse.

Glad to see that a large organization is thinking about the environmental impact of these large events. I especially love that tens of thousands of sports items and books are donated to non profits with this project as well.

Don't forget to keep your Super Bowl party eco friendly as well with reusable party supplies, more homemade and real food, and less plastic!

Now to get ready for those great commercials!