Gabrielle Kahn-Chiossone

Gabrielle Kahn-Chiossone


Farmerkids Organics is a family business that started with the idea of providing the very best quality 100% organic cotton clothes for the delicate skin of children, while being whimsical in design and caring about the environment as well.

Switching over to organic foods years ago was my first step into the better world of organics. Creating organic clothing designs was my next step. I wanted to have the shirts be a bit different, not silkscreened, but embroidered, to add a little touch of texture and folkiness. Whimsical yet simple designs complement these super soft organic shirts and fabrics. 

All of our organic baby goods are made of 100% organic cotton and are made in sweatshop free environments in the USA.

The embroidered patches are also made with USA grown and produced 100% organic cotton. The thread used for the embroidery design is the only non organic item for now. It is polyester until I can find some strong organic thread for embroidery. We are always looking at alternatives. 

Farmerkids Organics wants to bring a little bit of country life to all kids. Dogs, owls, peace baby, green peas, farm animals and tractors are just some of our designs that kids and parents love!  For those babies that have everything - our custom baby name one piece or tee makes a fantastic original gift.  

At Farmerkids Organics we care about our planet and our kids.  We are eco-friendly, use recycled materials in our tags and packaging, use our organic cotton scraps for ties and donate the rest to local schools, and make everything in the USA which really keeps our carbon footprint small!

 Farmerkids Organics is based in NYC, but tries to get to the countryside as much as possible for fresh air, and inspiration! 

--Gabrielle Kahn-Chiossone, Owner/Designer